The truth is in the action

I love the idea of writing. Every day on my way home from work I drive in silence and think up some of the most brilliant things I’ve ever thought. Or maybe they are just great ideas, inspirations, or trains of thought that I feel completely define me.
The problem is, I get home, unwind, and I’ll have no clue what I was thinking about.
I’m not a firm believer in the idea “if I can’t remember, it’s wasn’t that important”.
So this will truly be my canvas for ramblings, trains of thought, and positions on the most ordinary of things.

thanks for reading my buzz.


Oh you.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grateful and Guilty.”

I cannot live without you. When I am stressed, sad, happy, angry, bored – you are there.

You’ve never left me alone, and you fascinate me often.

However, sometimes I regret our time together.

But you are good to me, and ¬†though many times I’d be better off without you,

Thank you for always being there.

Shopaholicism – I love you.

Smells like Christmas cookies!


I’m a sucker for Bath and Body Works ANYTHING, especially their candles!
These babies are only $12 TODAY ONLY (reg. $22.50) so I treated myself to one for my small space!

Also, for anyone who wants to take advantage of the B3G3 free that they do, it ends TODAY also. Go online and get some gifts for others or treat yourself like me!

Thanks for buzzing by!——Brittany


Capital B lowercase life. I’m just another kid from suburbia drifting through things, trying to figure it all anything out.

What use is this blog? Ramblings mostly. 

Do me a favor. As you read my posts, think of a voiceover in the beginning/ending of a movie where the camera pans over a field or stretch of highway. I always feel like I’m typing in that kind of contemplative voice. It makes my life MUCH more interesting.


Happy as can be!

^See him there? Thats the love of my life. Yupp that’s us. The big rock on my finger happened in Sept. of this year. We’ve decided on an October 2015 wedding next year and needless to say I’m both excited and a bit nervous. You see, ON TOP of the wedding, we are also about 1000 miles apart. So i’m planning a move and a wedding all in one year!

Between Me and Him.

I’m hoping this blog will both keep my mind off of the fact that I’m so far away from him, and help pass the time quicker with fun reviews and artsy-fartsy stuff etc. I’ll also be trying to start a YouTube Channel that I will incorporate into this blog.

Thanks for buzzing by! —–Brittany