Public Eating Announcement

My “Just around the riverbend…” post has COME!

Whether its a first date, or a company brunch, society has this stigma around eating in public. Many people feel uncomfortable eating messy foods like pasta and burgers and, lets be honest, penis shaped foods are always awkward (bananas, ohemgee). Humans have this incredibly ridiculous notion that others judge them on what they eat. So, when making a first impression, or just a professional one, we tend to pick safe foods i.e. salads, sandwiches, or just the arbitrary coffee drinking. We like to present this best version of ourselves in order to mask our true preferences. I bet you never thought you’d hear anyone talk about food choice discrimination!

So, I got this idea to make everything I ate public for a whole week via Twitter.
The idea isn’t to shock and awe, nor is it to brag.

But there are a few objectives to this social experiment:

  • Study the ridicule/comments that follow along my posts and question, challenge and understand why these occur.
  • Associate my eating habits with reality (I’ll expand on this).
  • Encourage myself to make healthier eating habits (not just for a first impression) but as a lifestyle change.

This mini social experiment may help myself come to a dreaded realization that I need to start eating better (maybe through a little embarrassment and through my raw life). “Associate my eating habits with reality” simply means that its easy to choose a McDonalds $1 Buffalo Ranch McChicken, log it into MyFitnessPal and call it done. Its an entirely different monster when you have picture-PROOF staring back at you – maybe causing some calorie guilt and making you think twice before ordering one again tomorrow.

As I have mentioned before, I am a Bride-To-Be. Along with the potential positive eating habits I may attain from this experiment, I will also aspire to use this experience as a tool to become the healthiest I can be before (and after) my wedding day.

Foodiecisions (the combination of “foodie” and “decisions”) is the hashtag on my twitter that you can track me with. Follow me and tweet your encouragement (or disgust)


Thanks for buzzing by——————————Brittany


Just around the river-bend…


I have something SUPER REAL LIFE in store for you guys! I’m going to announce it the 29th!

(I’m just waiting until after Thanksgiving – you’ll soon see why!)

HINT HINT/QUICK POLL: How many of you have Twitter? How many of you have/follow health and/or fitness Tweeters?

Also- Ladies: are any of you interested in a Real Techniques HAUL/Review? I just got about 10 brushes/sets! LET ME KNOW! 

Thanks for buzzing by! —————————-Brittany