Public Eating Announcement 2.0: Face your Food

Because I’ve been extremely lazy with my body and eating habits… I’ve decided to do PEA 2.0

For the explanation: go here

hashtag will be #foodecisions.

This will actually be for 3 weeks this time!
Ironically, I’ve always smh’d at people that post their food online)
it has really helped me eat better in the past and make better food choices.
Gotta look HOT for my man, ya know?

I invite you to join me! Lets see who’s meals look better!

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Thanks for buzzing by!———B


Falling off the wagon…

I have nothing to say other than,
I was doing SO GOOD at the gym since mid-December.


My fiance’s mother was hurt in a car accident.
Sending him into emotional turmoil
Sending me into guilt-ridden hysteria
(since I can do absolutely nothing and am so far away)
So needless to say I haven’t felt very motivated…
and for the past TWO WEEKS, I’ve totally blown it.

I have 3 weeks to get back in the rhythm and look TOTALLY HOT
when he comes out to get me.

(that was my new years resolution to myself)

Time to get back on the wagon!

Time to make no excuses.

———————————————————buzz on.