Dupe for Teakwood Mahogany Candle (Bath and Body Works)


I love candles burning all the time so saving money is a good deal for me. After a short search I realized I obviously wasn’t the first to discover this dupe. But I was very excited about it! It’s my go-to bathroom scent since it’s strong cologne scent masks tough odors and leaves a bathroom smelling clean.

“Mahogany Driftwood” is without a doubt a wanna-be dupe for Bath & Body Works’ “Teakwood Mahogany” candle. I found this candle at Walmart in the cleaning section next to the air freshener sprays. Separately these scents smell very similar. Many may even think they smell the exact same.

I’ve noticed that the Walmart version doesn’t burn as evenly and is very potent but doesn’t linger as long as the Bath & Body Works version. For half the price, it’s a good dupe.

Consider these low priced, budget friendly options to continously burn while you are entertaining at your house to avoid the sour impression your guests may get from a person who had to drop a solid. Or just be a good person, and put spray in the bathroom. There is nothing worse than dreading who may enter after you when there is no way to cover a deuce.

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